City of Salem Streets and Bridges

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City of Salem Streets and Bridges
City of Salem
Streets and Bridges
539 miles of paved streets
53 bridges
263 signalized intersections
195 school zone flashers
7,100 street lights
125,000 street trees
Salem’s Related Services:
Traffic Control & Signal Timing
Traffic Signal Maintenance
Pavement Maintenance
Shoulder & Alley Maintenance
Snow and Ice Response
Street Lighting
Fall Leaf Removal
Sweeping/Signs/ Markings
Planning for the Future
Project Design
Right-of-way maintenance
(mowing/landscaping/street trees)
The Problem
• You may have noticed problems in
your neighborhood and around
– heavy traffic/congestion
– potholes & worn pavement
– bridges built before your
grandparents’ day
– Pedestrian/bicycle safety
• You’re aware of these problems –
and so is the City of Salem
Our shared vision for Salem is a city where everyone is
connected: with easy access to jobs, schools, parks,
shopping by auto, bicycle or on foot.
Cost Pinch
• In recent years there has been a cost
pinch. Salem’s streets depend on gas
tax revenues, and they’re not
• State gas tax has not increased since
• The cost of road construction materials
has increased by more than 70 percent
since 1993.
The result is a growing
The City Wants Your Advice
• First, there are more
problems than we can
possibly pay for. So
what are the most
urgent needs, for you?
• Are there any street
and bridge problems
that are so important
you’d be willing to pay
more taxes to solve?
• Other Oregon cities are considering:
– transportation bond measures
– local gas taxes
– street utility fees and other sources
Are any of these possible funding sources more
appealing to you than the others?
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