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country-by-country reporting
Regarding the obligations prescribed by circular no. 285 of 17 December 2013 “Supervisory Dispositions
for Banks” – 4th update of 17 June 2014 on country-by-country reporting introduced by article 89 of
directive no. 2013/36/EU (“CRD IV”), shown below are the details marked by letters a), b) and c) of
Annex A of the First Part, Section III, Chapter 2, with reference to the situation at 31 December 2013.
a) Denomination and nature of activity
Denomination: Banca UBAE S.p.A.
Registered office: Roma, Via Quintino Sella 2
Milan branch: Piazza A. Diaz, 7
Representation office: Tripoli (Libya), O. Mukhtar Invest Complex
Corporate capital: EUR 151,060,800 fully paid up
Activity: Banca UBAE was set up in 1972 as the “Union of Arab and European Banks”, as a banking
institute with Italian-Arab capital. The shareholders of Banca UBAE include important banks: Libyan
Foreign Bank - Tripoli, Unicredit - Rome, Banque Centrale Populaire and Banque Marocaine du Commerce
Extérieur - Casablanca, Intesa Sanpaolo – Turin, and leading Italian companies: Sansedoni Siena (Monte
dei Paschi di Siena Foundation) – Siena, ENI Adfin (ENI Group) – Rome, and Telecom Italia - Milan.
The current objective is to develop industrial and economic trading relations between Italy and the
countries of North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent and the
countries of Southeast Europe.
The main services offered to customers who work with foreign countries are: export financing, letters of
credit, standby letters of credit, risk sharing, guarantees, finance, trading and financial syndications, as
well as professional assistance in foreign countries through a network of local consultants. The Banca
UBAE currently operates in fifty countries with the support of 500 correspondent banks occupying a
position of reference and reliability in the foreign trade sector. The bank does not have branches abroad.
b) Turnover1 = EUR 37,805,494.00
c) Number of employees on equivalent full-time basis2 = 179
d) Pre-tax profit = EUR 14,853,518.00
e) Tax on profits = EUR 5,300,672
d) Public contributions received = None, not applicable
“Turnover” is understood as the gross operating income as per item 120 of the income statement.
“Pre-tax profit” is understood as the sum of items 250 and 280 of the income statement.
“Tax on profits” is understood as the sum of taxes as per item 260 of the income statement.
“Number of employees on equivalent full-time basis” is understood as the ratio between the overall
number of hours worked by all the employees, excluding overtime, and the annual total laid down in the
contract for a full-time employee.
Banca UBAE
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