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Shops in Noto - Europupils in Business
Shopping in Noto
Shops: clothes
Shops: accessories
Shops: Souvenir and craft products
Shopping centres 1
Shopping centres 2
Accomodation: B&B
Accomodation: hotels inside Noto
Accomodation: hotels outside Noto
Accomodation: holiday house and farm holiday
Health services
Safety services
Post Offices
Noto, along with the other Unesco World Heritage cities, is known for
its unique historical center, where you can find most of the baroque
monuments. Tourists who come to visit are more interested in the
beauty of the city itself than the shops located there. In our city
there has been an increase in visitors numbers following the
reconstruction of the dome and the nave of the Cathedral.
Consenquently the small existing stores along the main street, Corso
Vittorio Emanuele, have adapted to the tourist’s primary needs. This
explains the presence of a smaller number of clothing stores, footwear
etc., and a greater number of souvenir shops, restaurants, bars,
rotisserie, more useful to a tourist. In Noto there are no department
stores or shopping malls. This is by choice of the Muinicipality, in order
mantain the beauty of the environment. The lack of competition and the
awareness on the part of shopkeepers, to work in a tourist city creates
higher prices than those of the nearby towns, which have more stores
and a wider choice of goods.
Noto offers a selection of fashion boutiques , selling everything
from smart dresses to stylish accessories which attract both
tourists and customers from neighbouring towns. Among the
most quoted clothing stores, you can name the following: the
boutique «Sudano», the boutique «Di Pietro», the boutique
«Costanzo» and «Mendelssohn».
Boutique Sudano
Boutique Di Pietro
Among the listed accessories stores we can
mention: The Land’s, Edwin and Papillon.
There are many gift shops, craft stores and shops of
typical local products along the main street in Noto.
In Noto there are no shopping centres. The
nearest is «Il Giardino», 4 kilometers from Noto.
There are shopping centres towards Siracusa such as: « I
Papiri» and «Auchan» and another one towards Modica «La
I Papiri
La Fortezza
In the last years tourist accomodation, known as B&B,
has spread everywhere in and around Noto. Until a few
years ago, this kind of accomodation was not so well
known in town as it is now. Certainly, one of the main
advantage of a B&B is that its costs are much lower
and more competitve than those of the hotels. Today
there are a lot of b&bs in Noto for all budgets and
tourists can have a wide choice.
Noto B&B
B&B Vinci
Country House Villadorata
Recently in Noto there has been an increase in the
number of hotels servicing the growing tourist
industry. Between the hotel Dependance, the hotel
Sofia, hotel Flora, hotel The Small Fountain and the
youth hostel the accomodation requirements of
tourist are well covered.
Hotel Sofia
Hotel Depandance
Ostello della Gioventù
In the surrounding area there are beach hotels; hotel
Helios, hotel Eloro, Villa Mediterranea and other
smaller hotels. On the outskirts of Noto we find the
hotel Masseria degli ulivi
Hotel Eloro
Hotel Helios
Hotel Masseria degli ulivi
The one who loves the nature can choose
between different farm holiday or houses holiday
in the neigh bour hoods of Well-known one.
Agriturismo La Corte del Sole
Agriturismo Le Zagara
Casa Vacanze Villa Mediterraneo
In recent years, in consequence of the increase of the
tourist flow, numerous restaurants, eating places and
bars have opened.
The most well known are:
« Dammuso >> «, «Manna>> , «Fontana d’Ercole »,« A
Mastra >>, “Marpessa”, “Anche gli Angeli”, “Caffè
Sicilia”, “Caffè Costanzo”, Pizzeria “Orto di Santa
Ristorante Dammuso
Ristorante Manna
Ristorante à Mastra
The Hospital «Trigona» of Noto provide services
to other neighboring towns. It has 5
departments: obstetrics and gynecology,
orthopedics, geriatrics and emergency. Other
departments are located in the hospital of Avola
that is 7 kilometers away. In 2010 the
helicopter pad was opened.
To maintain order and security for the citizens of
Noto the following services are provided:
-The Police
- Carabinieri
-The Fire Service
- Finanza
- Civil Protection
-The City Police
- La Forestale
In Noto there are 5 different banks:
Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena
Via Napoli
Banco di Credito Popolare
Corso Vittorio Emanuele
BCC di Pachino
Via Ducezio
Credito Emiliano
Corso Vittorio Emanuele
Corso Vittorio Emanuele
In Noto there are 3 Post Offices:
Post Office
Via Principe Umberto (upper side of Noto)
Post Office
Noto (SR)
Post Office
Via Zanardelli 2 - 96017 Noto (SR)
In Noto there are many schools for all levels such as:
Istituto Comprensivo «G.Melodia»,IstitutoComprensivo
«G.Aurispa», Istituto Comprensivo «F.Maiore», Istituto
Polivalente «Matteo Raeli»
2 I.C G. Melodia
4 I.C. G. Aurispa
3 I.C. F. Maiore
Ist. Polivalente M.Raeli
The Consorzio Universitario Mediterraneo
Orientale «CUMO» was founded in 2001 with
the aim of promoting higher education in the
south- east area of Sicily.The «CUMO» is home
to courses of «Primo Livello» degree in Science
Education and Communication. In 2015 the
courses offered have been extended with the
creation of an undergraduate programme.
The town library “Prince of Villadorata “ was
inaugurated on May 1847 with 3657 volumes ,
whose first books were given in 1841 by the
Prince of Villadorata , Corrado Nicolaci . His
example was followed by other noble people and
professional .
The Museum “Mille e una Grotta” is situated close to the ExCollege of the Jesuits, in the heart of the historical centre of
Noto. In the gallery of the civic museum there are works of the
sculptor Giuseppe Pirrone .
The “ Museo delle Carte” is not a museum to the manifacture
of paper. It is a museum housing documents and newspapers
from the past.
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